The stakes are high: Love, death, meaning, joy, mourning, family, religion. Some kind of chanting can be heard on stage. (…) The text elements that Billinger and Schulz selected are sometimes comical in their bluntness, sometimes harrowing in their denseness and insight into life itself. Good material for a stage play. Rheinische Post 

It sounds egregiously mundane, yet also fabulously artful. Banalities become sacred, profundities become street-smart. A worthwhile meditation on the status quo. Theater der Zeit 

The collected voices were then, thematically arranged, repeated on stage by their more or less motionless performers. The piece was of operatic length, not easy on the nerves, but was also moving, not least because of patience being tested, and rewarded, by imperfect attempts to put into words the transience of life. tanz

The result is enlightening, because it shows the odd array of „real people’s“ utterances: strangely radical, for instance, or semi-slang. Frankfurter Neue Presse